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Foodie Recipe Manager is the simple and powerful way to manage, share, and sync your favourite recipes across all your devices. Featuring a clean, photo-based interface and comprehensive range of kitchen tools, it’s also the perfect cooking companion. Designed by foodies for foodies - it's your recipes, your way.

How it works

  • Your recipes


    Effortlessly manage your recipes with a simple and intuitive interface. Easily enter recipes using the time-saving cooking keyboard.


    Quickly search for, and group recipes into collections that are meaningful to you - forget the one-size-fits-all approach.


    Cloud-based syncing ensures that your recipes are shared and up-to-date across all your devices: Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod.
  • Your cooking companion

    Recipe Scaling

    Scale recipes up or down by simply changing the serving size - the ingredients scale automatically.

    Cooking Tools

    Easily convert between common units. Use the kitchen timer with prep and cook times predefined for each recipe.

    Kitchen friendly

    Big & bright directions help you focus on your cooking. Let Foodie read your recipe aloud using hands-free mode.
  • Share with family and friends


    Easily share your recipes on Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Flickr, Pinterest and Google+.


    Send your recipes to other Foodie users via Airdrop. Email or print to share with family and friends.


    Browse recipes from, adding to your own collection with just a single tap.

What foodies are saying

I won't get rid of all my cookbooks but this is the companion I needed. So simple and easy to use for all my everyday recipes.
Stephanie Ramer
There are so many apps out there that promise so much and don't deliver. This one does AND will change your cooking life!
Lisa Thompson | Owner of Bootiful Bakery
Recipe apps are like ‘to-do’ apps. I’ve downloaded a billion which get used for a week and then deleted. Foodie is different, it’s replaced my recipe scrapbook.
Bill Locking
I love being able to share my recipes with friends. They’re always asking (which is nice) and Foodie makes it so easy to do.
Katrina Gibson | Copywriter and food & travel reviewer for Lost At E Minor