Egg Salad


3 cherry tomatoes
4 lettuce leaves
1/2spring onion
1 Tb Caesar dressing
1 egg
1 slice toast bread


Preheat oven to 190*C.
This recipe is for 1 person

1 Trim crusts of the bread and cut into 9 squares. Spread over a baking a
tray and bake for 10-15mins or golden brown. Remove from oven to

2 Half fill a small saucepan with hot water and carefully place in the egg.
Put onto boil. Boil the egg for 9mins.

3 Cut tomatoes in halves. Tear lettuce leaves in half. Thinly slice
spring onion.

4 Place lettuce in the bottom of a bowl. Arrange tomato and spring onion
over lettuce so it looks good. Drizzle with dressing.

5 Drain egg. Cover in cold water. Crack shell and peel off. Cut egg
into 4 wedges. Place egg and croutons over salad. Present for marking.



4, half, slice, 1tbs, cold, Drizzle

*Wash hands & Wear an apron*
*Use oven mitts when handling hot trays*

EGG SALAD / Evaluation
1. Draw or name 3 pieces of equipment used.

2. Define the following processes.
Tear: __________________________________________________________

Slice: __________________________________________________________

3. If you were to make this recipe at home name 1 change you would make and why. (Use 20 words). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________